Regular Poem: In the Metallic Evening

it’s so beauty poem.
Hello I’m Jaya Suryadi. i just learn wordpress. my blog is so simple but i try to make it interest for reader blog in the world. thank you, nice to chat with you. have a great day. bye

I Started Late and Forgot the Dog.

In the metallic evening when the sidewalk glimmers silver and the clouds are a sheet of thinly stretched gold like the kind they use to do experiments with electrons and the sun peers through that sheet of gold shimmering peekingly as if it's shy          but it's a ruse because the sun isn't shy and the air is heavy with          all the electrons from the celestial experiment          or maybe just humidity and the little lead flies careen to and fro          not sticking to anything but not repelling anything either          just bustling around like shot blasted from invisible 12 gauges and the smell from the grass and the trees and the hot wet air is not organic but acrid          not unpleasantly so just noticeably so and your mouth…

Lihat pos aslinya 110 kata lagi


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